• Import, edit, export GM, GM2, GS, XG MIDI files
• Huge SysEx message collection of GM 2, GS and XG (2.0)
• Edit MIDI controllers by MIDI mode specific value range recommendation
• Edit META events
• Edit NRPN and RPN events by separate event types
• INTEGRA-7 support with complete SysEx message collection
• Multiple MIDI output devices in one sequence
• Record MIDI data
• Add VST 3 tracks
• Add/record audio tracks containing wave files
• Virtual MIDI keyboard
• Piano Roll
• List editor
• Wave editor
• MIDI monitor (also view VST 3 parameter flow)
• Downmix VST 3 and audio tracks
• Included sample-based multitimbral instrument VST 3 plugIn
• Add own samples to the instrument plugIn
• Karaoke text animation
• German and English manual and user interface

Smidy free!

• Enabled project file save

Download Smidy free! 64 bit v2.70
Download Smidy free! 32 bit v2.70

Smidy full version

• MIDI file export beside project file save
• Unlimited amount of open track output devices
• Downmix function for VST 3 and audio tracks
• User-definable multi samples, instrument- and drum-programs for Smidy PlugIn
• 'Check for updates' function

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Smidy full version is only available for download. After accomplishing your online-order and payment you'll receive an email with the product key and a download link.
The download file includes two setups: one for the 32 bit version and one for the 64 bit version.
You can download Smidy full version and activate it, immediately.

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Version 2.7, Build March/15/2017

• German manual added
• English manual revised and simplified
• MIDI file import: Now, allways a new project will be created
• Smidy PlugIn: New filter types and parameters added, allowing filter swells
• Smidy PlugIn: Frequency modulation implemented. FM parameter added
• Smidy PlugIn: Adding of own multisamples implemented. Including manager for own samples/programs
• Smidy PlugIn: New parameter implemented: Only produce sound of key ...
• Smidy PlugIn: Bug-fix: On 32 bit Windows 'Smidy PlugIn' hasn't been made known, automatically
• Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Copy and paste sometimes failed and 'ghost' vanished
• Piano Roll: Enhancement: Drag and drop for moving data of selection area implemented
• Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Last update changes prevented to select another 'lower area' controller
• Wave editor: Bug-fix: Cut didn't change loop end behind/inside area, random wave data could appear
• Wave editor: Bug-fix: Smpl chunk (containing loop points) hasn't been written in all cases
• Wave editor: Enhancement: No more 'total zoom back' after cut/paste/delete/undo
• Wave editor: Enhancement: All open Wave editors can be closed with 'yes, all', 'no, all' on shutdown
• Device panel: Bug-fix: Every once in a while a new opened device could create a transparent panel by mistake
• MIDI standard GM: Enhancement: Universal Realtime Message "Master Volume" also enabled for GM

Version 2.6, Build December/22/2016

• Bug-fix: Loading projects one after the other with different 'PlugIn and WaveOn engine' buffersizes could crash
• MIDI edit function 'Move': Movement by factor added (for conversions between different TPQ values)
• MIDI edit function 'Change notelength': Changes by percentage added
• Selections: Menu entries 'Select to top' and 'Select to left' generally added to main menu
• Selections inside main workspace: Autoscroll also added when reaching the left and top corner
• Quantize: Anchor point now refers to last meter entry
• Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Ghost jumped one key when starting to drag
• Piano Roll: Bug-fix: Snapping when moving events, creating events or drawing selections now refers to last meter
• Piano Roll: Ghost is now snapping to its beginning instead to the position of the first event
• Piano Roll: 'Select to top', 'Select to left', 'Select to right', 'Select to bottom' realized inside Piano Roll
• Piano Roll: Autoscroll realized when drawing selections
• Program settings: Save question added to cancel case
• Device settings: Save question added to cancel case
• List editor: Got its own copybuffer the first time. Cut, copy and paste realized
• List editor: 'Select to top' and 'Select to bottom' realized the first time inside List editor
• List editor: Bug-fix: List editor cursor could vanish suddenly. Fixed
• Demo songs: 'Christmas mix' added to VST demo songs, 'Silent night' added to INTEGRA-7 demo songs

Version 2.5, Build November/13/2016

• Virtual MIDI keyboard, MIDI monitor and INTEGRA-7 support activated/released in Smidy free!
• Smidy free!'s limitation to 2 VST 3 plugIns has been changed to a limitation to 2 track output devices
• Wave editor: Changes to WaveOn-files are now considered immediately in main sequence playback
• Wave files with WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT now supported (reading and creating, 32 and 64 bit)
• Chunk structure of wave files can be decoded and viewed byte accurate
• Downmix also possible with new WAVE_FORMAT_IEEE_FLOAT
• Beside English now also featuring German text anywhere inside Smidy (but manual not yet translated)
• German translation also concerns musical key names
• Different bug-fixes for WaveOn-Events
• Multiple file selection/file opening possible when calling "open wave file"
• Wave editor graphics enhanced. Ghost shown as green transparent surface. Wave shown with gradient
• Wave editor volume change can now be limited to only left or right channel
• Metronome sound when recording MIDI: is now played by MIDI, not by audio samples
• The wave files of all WaveOn events in a project can be opened with a single new menu command

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VST 3 Logo appearing on device panels used with permission from Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH.